Nick Abbott is a talented basketball player for his age. Nick's brother Scott Abbott is somehow a better basketball player than him, but he is a couple of years older than Nick. 
               Nick and Scott's father works hard for his money so he could feed and provide the family. But he is very interested in basketball, which he thinks is the future of his sons, especially Scott. In the past their father (Matthew Abbot) was a pro high school basketball player and he was extremely good and he knew that he will one day be in the NBA. But reality struck his dreams and Matthew was not able to complete college and had to drop out of college. Because of this Matthew was not able to join the NBA and his dreams were shattered.
                But, fate gave him another chance to fulfill his own dreams. Sort of. Matthew found out that his son Scott had an exceptional basketball talent and was able to handle the whole court all by himself. Scott who too is interested in basketball losses his focus from basketball and starts to play his trumpet for his music class with is girlfriend Katya. (Now that we have talked about the present let’s talk about the past and all of the things that happened).                Scott was a very famous senior in his high school and was know for his basketball talent. His family was a classical American family. They would all sit down at dinner and talk about all kinds of things but mostly basketball. Because of this, Matthew told his wife, Caroline Abbott that he was going to cut out her rose garden in the backyard and build a professional basketball court. But inside, Nick felt bad, not because there was going to be a basketball court over his mother’s garden, but because his father was going to build the basketball court, mainly because of Scott and not himself.                Nick had a thug like friend, Trent Dawson, Trent was an extremely strong person for his age and he was at least 10 times better at basketball than Scott. Trent would be able to run across the whole court and steal a rebound with the other team just watch. But the real problem was Trent’s brother Zack Dawson who had a whole lot of criminal record.                And to make things worse Zack and Trent moved right into the same street as Nick and his family. Even though Trent was a freshman at his high school, just like Nick, Trent would never act like one. He would be a constant bully. But when it came to P.E. class and basketball he would become worse and would manhandle everyone on the court even the seniors. (And now back to the present).
                One day Nick, Scott and their father were playing basketball in their new court and some how Nick was able to beat Scott one on one after watching him for days and observing his game, especially what his weak areas were. Even though Katya was right there watching the game Scott did not ask for a rematch and went inside with her to practice his trumpet. At that moment their father burst into anger and started yelling words like quitter and traitor to his own son Scott and saying that it was his own mistake that he though Scott would be able to fulfill his dreams about joining the NBA. Because of this incident their mother Caroline decided to divorce their father as soon as possible and Matthew had to move out of the house. Scott and Caroline were glad that they were divorced but Nick was not. Nick really like basketball and it looks like Nick is the last hope for his father’s dream.
Nick tried out for his school’s basket ball team and he made it as the most difficult position in the whole court, point guard.  In his team are very good basketball players like Luke, McShane, Fabroa and the most dangerous of all, Trent Dawson. One day Trent was fouled in his practice match up and he yelled at his own coach the words fatso and I do not need you. But the very next day Trent came to the locker room with an apology letter to his coach so he could play on his team and that was the first time that Trent had apologized to anyone.                Then came the team’s first three matches of the season and all three of them were lost by Nick’s team by someone’s foolishness. And because Trent was not in any one of the matches. Then came the hard times for Nick and Trent. They were both pulled from the first stringers to third stringers and were barely able to play two minutes in the whole game. But one day they both got the opportunity to show of their skills. It was the fourth quarter with about ten minutes left in the game and Nick’s team was down by about 28 points. Then as soon as they both went into the court they took the game into their own hands. But in the end Nick’s team lost the match but the other team’s lead was cut down to less than ten points. This got the other team’s coach to worry about these two boys for the next game and their own coach to move them up from third stringers to first stringers.                Just when things started out to turn good, they started to turn bad. Trent and his brother Zack were accused of killing ducks with clubs and bats in the night and because of this Trent were not able to play in the game for couple of weeks. Then about a month later when Nick and Trent were practicing in the backyard and playing basketball they were encountered by Zack and he told Trent that he got them. Nick did not know what he was talking about but Trent did. Trent refused to come and Zack left them alone.                The very next day in the news paper came the news that Michael Ushakow, Katya’s brother had been shot on a bridge over a lake. Police suspected that Zack had shot him. Because of this Trent was ready to quit basketball and leave with Zack whenever he called him. This surprised Nick and he went to Trent’s house one day to solve out the matters. Then he was hit by surprising news. Nick found out that when the two Dawson brothers were young they found out that their mother had been cheating on their father for some other man and both of th brothers found their mother completely naked with another man in her own bed. Zack took Trent down stairs and he fed him. And even more surprisingly, it was Trent who killed those ducks with clubs but it was Zack who took the blame for the killing.                But Nick really wanted to win the basket ball season and so he was able to persuade Trent to play for the next three games and if their team won the next three games they would be the champs. And so Trent agreed to play for the three games and he promised that he would leave as soon as they were the champs. Their team won the next two games and went into the finals.                Everybody was happy in the town and the happiest person was Nick’s dad who had been attending every basketball game of Nick’s. He had given up on Scott but not on Nick. And then the worst thing happened. In the finals Trent failed to show up and Nick knew that he had left. Nick also got injured in the game and his team’s hopes of winning were shattered. But out of nowhere Trent showed up in the beginning of the next quarter and the crowd went crazy. And it was like a Hollywood movie where miracles happen and Trent and Nick carried out their team to the victory and they became the champions. Everybody was happy especially Nick’s father. After the game Nick and Trent had a nice chat and things turned out to be good for everybody.                But the game would not have been won or the championship if it were not for Nick and Trent practicing basketball regularly in Nick’s own backyard at night. When the rest of the house and the city were sleeping Nick and Trent were playing Night Hoops.